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What we do

We recycle all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, below are some examples of the materials we handle.


We can value the metal you bring to our scrap yard and exchange it for highly competitive payments by cheque.


Our collection and scrap yard is open 6 days a week for you, conveniently located on the White Lund Estate.


We are committed to the provision of recycling services and the responsible reuse and disposal of scrap.

Call our team on 01524 62633.


Our facilities and materials handled


The story of White Lund Metals.

  • 1996

    Our Humble Beginnings

    GTS White Lund Metals started its life back in 1996 by duo Jeff and son Andrew Garner. As a family run business trust, and a value service, with our customers was always key.

  • 2012

    Legal changes

    In 2012 legislation changed, cash was no longer an option and GTS invested in bespoke systems allowing us to audit full lifecycle of materials with a full computerised audit system.

  • 2016

    Our founders last Journey

    Sadly in 2016 we saw the pssing of one of our founders Jeff. A father, friend and all round family guy. Jeff was a massive part of GTS however his legacy will live on driven forward by his son Andrew.

  • 2018

    The future

    With the industry evolving so are we, further investiment in equipment and systems to allow further growth.

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    Of Our

Based on The White Lund Industrial Estate, Morecambe, we at White Lund Metals offer one of Morecambe’s finest scrap metal services. Removals, renovations and construction work can all result in the problem of large amounts of scrap metal and other waste that needs to be removed.

What’s more, recycling that metal and other waste is important both for the environment and saving energy. So the answer to that problem is White lund Metals. Our service in the heart of Morecambe is guaranteed to solve all your scrap collection and service needs.

All types of metals are acceptable to us, i.e. cast iron, structural steel brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, tubings, engines, motors etc. Whatever form of metal, we can handle and process it for you. Your scrap metals can also be delivered direct to us by yourself and weighed, either on our computerised weighbridge or for smaller quantities, by scales. Either way you will receive the very best possible current rates available instantly.

Who are GTS

Our team at GTS White Lund Metals

Andrew Garner

Owner, Director

Ethan Brown

Yard Manager

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Call our team on 01524 62633.


Our main types of Scrap Metal

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If you require the services of a scrap metal merchant in Morecambe then look no further than White Lund Metals Ltd. Here at White Lund Metals Ltd we are also a partnership in recycling.

At White Lund Metals Ltd, we are committed to the provision of recycling services and the responsible reuse and disposal of scrap.

You can also contact us by telephone, or email using the details below
Telephone - 01524 62633
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